Why I Would go Back to NYC Tomorrow

Visiting New York City was definitely a highlight of my life so far.
The ‘Big Apple’ really is magical.

The city is everything I expected it to be, I am guilty of expecting what I saw in the movies, but it really was like that! I love the business and constant go go go in the city- it really is a city that doesn’t sleep.

There are so many reasons why I would go back tomorrow;

The shopping is incredible, I think I spent 2 hours in Sephora (this is easily done so don’t judge). I guess the reason us British love the shopping is purely because we can get our high end makeup products cheaper than over here in the UK- of course this is an invalid point right now due to the shit exchange rate but oh well there are plenty other reasons why I would return…

I am a foodie, I love food SO much and the Americans have got the whole portion size thing down to a T; BIG. You have to give it to them the food is (mostly) amazing- I only say mostly because apparently they eat chicken and waffles? Let me know…is this a thing!?

Next time I go to NYC I would love to go when it is warmer as I went in the snow. The snow was beautiful but seriously cold so I think seeing it in the sunshine would be a completely different experience! There are some things I didn’t do when I went previously such as; Getting the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, ground zero and just to generally see the parts of the city that I missed out on!

Thanks for reading,

Beth x


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