My extremely lazy skincare routine

This is me being honest. I really do not look after my skin as much as I should.
Any how when I am looking after my skin I only do the basics although it does work and saves me money so hey hooooo.

Here is my billy basic skincare procedure:

1. First I remove my makeup and initially wash my face with my naturally radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser this is Superdrug’s own brand. This really does what it says and brightens up my skin which is normally dull and dry.

2. Next I will use my visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub this is by neutrogena. It claims to help eliminate blackheads from day one and I can hands down promise this is true! It works from the first use

This is all I will do in the evening. Once a week I will use a pore strip on my nose to help decrease my pores, i currently use the T-ZONE ones but am looking for reccomendations.

In the morning I will do one cleanse with my hot cloth cleanser again and use my Garnier skin active moisture bomb moisuriser this helps with keeping my skin bright for the day ahead. 

Thanks for reading my beauty’s

Beth x


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