The CC cream which will replace your foundation.


I have used this near enough every day for a couple of years now. It was one of those purchases I made when I was skint and just needed something to cover my face lol, typically I now LIVE for this base.

I always buy the shade ‘fair’ and this can still be quite dark for my pale skin, but it seems to settle after a little while, and all is good!

SEVENTEEN are a low cost make-up line that have a few well known products but this CC cream is definitely my favourite from the range. It is easy to build which makes it a perfect all year round base. it isn’t to heavy and when the sun catches you right a nice shimmer comes through.

My only negative points would be the lack of shades to choose from and the way it can make you look a little sweaty sometimes, this is mainly because I do not wear a powder- im sure if you set it, it would be absolutely fine.

The overall finish is dewy rather than matte which is what I prefer, it does well at covering imperfections and doesn’t go cakey.

for £6.99 it is a great buy just to keep in your make-up collection. I would highly recommend it for travelling as the packaging is small and will not take up much room, it’s healthy glow will make you look like a goddess as well.

TIP: make sure you shake it before using as it can be a bit watery for some reason.
TIPP: apply with a beauty blender.

tah for reading luvies,

Beth x


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