Day of departure 

I am writing this post late. I am now sat in Bangkok airport waiting to board our flight to Chiang Rai. 

On the 23rd of June (1 day until my birthday) brendan and myself were gathering our final belongings in order to make our way to London Heathrow, to board our flight to Bangkok and start our first adventure together.

Our flight departed at 21:35 that night but pretty much the whole day consisted of travelling. We took the Natonal Express Coach from Cambridge as this was the most cost effective for us- this took around 3 hours due to traffic. Nether the less we arrived at Heathrow in plenty of time.

The airport wasn’t very busy which was surprising it being a Friday, this made it nice and easy for us to navigate our way around. After breezing through check-in and security in under an hour we had time to kill- obviously we had plenty of shops to look around and food to eat. 

Just quick note-; we felt really assured after going through security as the checks were so thorough. Myself and about 5 others all beeped at random to be checked and even my shoes got swabbed, why I hadnt seen before.

We decided to eat the most British thing we could at the airport (typical) so we opted for the beer battered cod and chips, we paired this with a beer.

Our flight to Bangkok took 11.5 hours and we flew with EvaAir. I’ve realised my legs don’t like flying long-haul as I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my legs. On the plus side I love flying and the cabin crew were great.

We arrived in Bangkok at around 3PM (local time).

That’s all for this post, I know it’s not that exciting but we are going to be boarding soon so gotta run!

Thanks for reading.

Beth x


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