Getting lost in Bangkok 

Once we woke up from our deep sleep we realised we only had one hour before breakfast ended. After rushing to get changed we made our way down to ‘The Market’ this is where breakfast was served. There was so much choice, all the bread you could imagine, pancakes and waffles being made in front of you. Then you had an egg stand where you could choose exactly what eggs you wanted- I usually went for an omelet! Then you had all of the Thai options as well. I tried some of the Asian cuisine such as Dim Sum which tasted great, sticky rice etc.

After breakfast we headed back up to our room to get ready to explore. This was Sunday and we aimed to go to the temples not realising the day. After speaking to a few locals we decided to go tomorrow to avoid massive crowds.

Instead we fell for a scam and went to IFC…

 IFC is a clothing shop where they will design and make you a suit for around 8000THB (this isn’t a lot but still a scam) We got in a Tuk Tuk for 40THB it took 15 minutes to get to IFC when we got there we looked around and then went upstairs, this was when Brendan was targeted, they took him aside and started measuring him and choosing the perfect colour until I clocked, I pulled Brendan to the side and said “this is a scam!!” Brendan said he had left his money at the hotel and we made a run for it before it was to late! We laughed for ages about this, we were happy we experienced a Tuk Tuk ride though.

After this we turned to our ‘handy’ smart phone we had which gave us access to google maps. From here we fancied checking out the MBK centre which is Bangkoks largest shopping centre with 8 floors. Walking took 34 minutes and we were happy to do this as it gave us a chance to explore our surroundings! 

Luckily we arrived without being picked up by a Tuk Tuk driver (we said no to about 10). MBK shopping Centre is fabulous for souveniers, cute bags, clothes, shoes etc and you can barter any price! (that’s the fun part!!) I got myself a lovely backpack and some souveniers for family members.

We spent a few hours here finishing with a stop at Starbucks, I had an iced green tea whilst Brendan had a Frape of some sort! We sat here for a while. We ended up getting into a conversation with the man behind the counter- he was loving our ‘accent’ and he asked us to speak posh haha!!

When we left we decided not to walk back and used the Skytrain. This was extremely easy to use, we ended up using it several times during our trip and the cost is so much better than getting in a taxi.

Once we arrived back to the hotel we were sweaty (lovely) so we went for a dip in the pool! The pool was large and not very busy due to it being low season, we preferred this as we pretty much had it to ourselves!

The clock hit 4PM and it was now happy hour…

The bright lights across the river were the lights from Asiatique- one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok. We went here for dinner…and shopping.

We opted for Italian food (I know it’s bad as we are in Thailand but we fancied a pizza). We ate at a really nice restaurant called ‘Fire & Dine’. They also had a menu for Asian food.

Paired with a glass of Chang we were happy!

 After feeling rather full we thought it would be smart to get some Gelato as well.

Then we shopped a little; I got a ‘Prada’ purse and brendan got some ‘Ray Bans’ you really cannot tell they are fake! They asked for 1000THB for just my purse alone but we ended up getting the sunglasses and the purse for that price!

Brendans sunglasses broke shortly after…

Besides from shopping, there is a lot of other things to do. We thought it would be dead cute to write on a padlock and lock it in the ‘Juliet Garden’ so we did, we wrote; “how did we get here” because we keep wondering how the two of us actually got ourselves to Thailand hahaha! 

We didn’t realise paying to write on a padlock came with the CHEESIEST PHOTO SHOOT EVER! So there’s me and Brendan in the middle of this market getting photos taken in a garden, we were even told to kiss and he gave me a fake rose… I’m laughing again whilst writing this. We have photo evidence;


We then went back to the hotel via our free shuttle boat and threw the key to the padlock in the river.

It was time for sleep!

Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for temples and puppies!!

Beth x


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