Wat Pho & Bangkok Express Boats

Whilst eating our eggs and bacon we discussed which temples we were going to see that day. There are many temples in the same district but the one I wanted to see the most was Wat Pho; here you will find the reclining Buddha (also known as the sleeping Buddha). I did really want to see the Grand Palace as well but we decided against it as Brendan wasn’t hugely interested and it was 500THB per person entrance, which seemed a waste if he didn’t want to see it. Entrance to Wat Pho is 100THB per person. Across the river from Wat Pho is Wat Arun (the temple of Dawn) this was under some sort of construction so we gave this a miss too although we did get up close to see some of its beauty.

We made our way to the pier on our free shuttle boat and then got on the orange express boat for 14THB each- this is a great alternative to a river tour as it stops at most stops and you can see everything you would see on a guided tour but without the guide at half the cost.

The boat was our least favourite transport type in the city because it’s a very rushed atmosphere and you have to pretty much jump off of it to the pier haha. On the other hand it’s very cost effective and convenient. 

Keep your ticket handy as someone comes around rattling a box collecting them, if you don’t hear them they won’t ask politely they will simply rattle the box again…in your ear.

The boat journey took around 20 minutes.

Once we arrived we walked through a very small indoor market.

Once you see daylight; well done, you made it!! Joking, not yet… you will then be greeted by locals asking you if you want to go on a tour, get in their Tuk Tuk etc.

Never listen to any locals when they say the temple is closed, because it’s not, they just want to take you to a different temple to get your pennies. 

…just keep walkin’

If you reach the temple and someone of an authority (check they are legit) says it is closed then it is closed.

Luckily we made it to Wat Pho and it was open. Even though it was low season it was still ridiculously busy and extremely hot, it felt even hotter because of the clothes we had to wear- I wore some linen trousers (I’ve pretty much lived in these the whole trip) and a lightweight long sleeved shirt, as a woman I had to cover myself as a sign of respect. We thought men did too but brendan was allowed in, in knee length trousers. 

The reclining Buddha was my favourite part of Wat Pho it was even more spectacular than I ever imagined it would be- definitely a must see when visiting Bangkok.

It took us around 2 hours to explore the temple thoroughly. 

Once we left we headed back to the pier, we got lost trying to find our way back and walked through some weird backstreet areas, but as previously mentioned we like getting lost. Eventually we found the pier.

In order to go back to Sathorn pier (where our shuttle boat comes) we had to get a boat to Wat Arun and then catch the express boat from there. 

By this point I’ve turned into a puddle due to sweating so much. Thank you brendan for dealing with my moaning, I can’t imagine I smelt to great either haaaa.

I was thankful for the small amount of cool air we got from our journey along the river.

Once we arrived back to our hotel funnily enough, it was happy hour…

A tower of Chang was deserved.

We had a little dip 

Brendan wasn’t hungry and felt really sleepy by about 7PM so I decided to go back across the river to Asiatique just to get something to eat.

It was weird but really satisfying being out and about on my own, I felt really safe and really happy! 

Until I stepped back and trod on someone’s toe, tried to say sorry and ended up saying ‘oh I do apologise’ …. COULD I GET MORE ENGLISH???? of course they had no idea what I said and just looked at me like I was stupid. Hahaaaa.

After dinner I picked up a watermelon smoothie (jeeeez this was good) and I waited for the shuttle boat to arrive to take me back to the hotel.

I arrived to find brendan starfished in the bed.

Thank you for reading! 

Beth x


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